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Executive Search & Recruitment

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience managing all aspects of all racquets sports of the club world. We have worked at various types of clubs, from full service country club to beach clubs, resorts, and racquets only facilities. Our experience and knowledge is unparalleled. We pride ourselves in helping clubs find the perfect fit for their culture and needs. We can fully customize the search process to your specific needs.



We list the Position Profile with all major tennis/racquets industry organizations and reach out to a selected pool of potential candidates.



We provide the Search Committee with close to 100 questions and discuss the best format to be used during the hiring process.


We assist you and analyze the compensation package and the Search Committee in making an offer of employment.


Fast Hiring Process

We can turn around any search process within 6 to 8 weeks from the search engagement.

Low Fees

Our consulting fee pays itself many times over. We can show you how some small changes to your budgets can help you save more money.

Large Talent Pool

Our database of current directors and racquets professionals is the most comprehensive of any search firm in the business.

Local & Remote

We can work with your club in person or remotely. We have worked with clubs all over the country.

40 Years of Combined Experience

Our Principals and search consultants have firsthand experience on all facets of racquets sports and have worked at some of the most prestigious clubs in the country.

Custom Consulting

We adapt to your needs. We believe that there is no size that fits all. We are here to help YOU and your specific needs.

Other Services

Executive Search Services Guarantee

We will provide an unconditional guarantee on all our placements. We will perform another search if any of our placements resigns or are terminated within the first 12 months of employment at no additional professional fee.

Pickleball Consulting & Camps

We will provide private clubs with pickleball consulting in programming, facility assessment, staff hiring and training, clinics, and exhibitions. We have access to the top players and coaches in the world and can help you set up camps that will wow your membership.

Jarrett Chirico, the top Pickleball professional and consultant in the country, will help you evaluate and assess your needs.

Platform Tennis Consulting & Camps

Our co-founders are widely considered as some of the top professionals, consultants and experts in platform tennis in the country. They can assist you with all your paddle needs while providing you with services that will strive to exceed your membership’s expectations.

Compensation Structure and Negotiations

We will help you create and/or modify your current compensation package to better motivate and attract your employees.

Career Services for Racquets Professionals

We offer career coaching for tennis professionals. Our Principals are experts in the industry and will help you grow your business, broaden your professional skills, elevate your personal brand, expand your network of contacts, improve your standing at your current job, or land the big new job.

​There are several options that will help you improve and polish your resume, cover letter, and your interviewing skills. Do you need a new LinkedIn profile or have one that needs work? We can help you!

Additional Services

We offer consulting services in racquets programming, participation growth, operations, budgeting, platform tennis court construction, air structure installations, and more.